How to install nüvi 205 to ZZR

A Garmin nüvi205 is a portable navigation device for mainly outdoor enthusiasts, such as mountain climbers, hikers, field workers, and so on. Additionally, motorcycle riders can use to navigate their touring route.

So today, I’ll introduce to install a nüvi205 on ZZR400 series N.

WARNING: If you will do work the same way as I did, please try it at your own risk!!

Mounting to a handlebar

You need to purchase a mounting kit for your motorcycle. This time, I prepared the RAM mounting kit, that is easy to attach or detach a Garmin device from your motorcycle.

put the RAM mount

put the device holder

It can be fit to a switch box on a left handlebar.

Converting voltage

A Garmin device can work on its rechargeable battery, but I made to work it with an outer power supply from a motorcycle.

Stepping down from DC12V of a motorcycle’s power to DC5V of a device’s, using DC/DC converter for car.

I got it at a junk items shop in Akihabara. (The price is 100 yen. Very cheap!)

100 yen DC/DC converter100 yen DC/DC converter

I opened it.

open it

remove the screw

Simple. Almost same as reference circuit of MC34063. The difference is that the LED for confirmation of operation and the fuse for protection of the circuit are added.

inside the case

Modification plan

For minimize a case size, to remove a tubular fuse of inlet.

Cut the case!

minimize the case

And putting wires with terminals to circuit board directly. The wire size is AWG 18 (0.75sq in Japan Industrial Standards). And when you use this, should be put a fuse in the positive line.

re build

Success to modify!!

Taking out the power line

You can take out the power line from the unused terminal of the 8 pole connector on the fuse box.

fuse box

Probably there is connected to the head light and tail light line.

When I checked by circuit tester, DC12V turned on at ACC ON position, and turned off at key off position.

connector of wire

connector of fuse box

Connecting the positive line including a blade type fuse (7.5A) to the fuse box, and the negative line to the battery terminal.

take out the ACC line

Nice to fit.

set the converter under the seat

Wiring on the motorcycle

Wiring an USB cable from the Garmin device on the handlebar to the DC/DC converter under the seat.

From the handlebar to the main frame, the USB cable is put along the clutch wire. Don’t forget to give a margin for length.

put along the clutch wire

Toward the frame, you should put the cable on the RAM air duct to avoid touch the radiator. Heat is so bad for the cable.

put the cable on the RAM air duct

On the frame, putting the cable back side of the cowl. And holding the cable with the cushion on back side of the cowl.

Toward under the seat, putting the cable between the fuel tube and the clip of the side cowl.

fix the cable on the framefix the cable on the frame

Finally, I’ve been success that minimal impact on appearance, and avoid the influence of heat.

Tried the test running, nüvi 205 and motorcycle worked well.

nüvi 205 and ZZR

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